Arthur Herman, The Scottish Enlightenment

A history of the time when Edinburgh was 'a hotbed of genius' and one could stand at the Mercat Cross and 'in a few minutes take fifty men of genius by the hand'.


A J Youngson, The Making of Classical Edinburgh

Although 40 years old and mostly about the New Town, it begins with an unrivalled description of when Edinburgh was the Old Town.


Mary Cosh, Edinburgh: The Golden Age.

The social and literary history of Edinburgh from 1760 to 1832 based on newspapers, journals, diaries and letters.


Dorothy Bell, Edinburgh Old Town.

Demonstrating from contemporary sources that the Old Town in the 18th century was not chaotic and overcrowded but a very pleasant place to live. Available from Tholis Publishing.

Jim Johnson & Lou Rosenburg, Renewing Old Edinburgh.

A history, using contemporary sources, of the development of the Old Town from the mid-19th century to the early 21st century and how the changes were influenced by the ideas of Patrick Geddes.