Committee Jottings February 2015

The committee looked at three new planning applications, none of which was felt to require comment.

Pre-planning consultation has begun on proposals to turn the old Royal High School building into a luxury hotel. This is outside the Old Town but could impact on our area, we will watch developments closely. There is to be a public discussion of the High School building's history, significance and future on Monday 23 February at 6.30pm in St Andrew's & St George's West Church, George Street. The event, organised by the Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland, is free and all are welcome.

We noted that plans for closure of the lower High Street to all vehicles except public buses are soon to be advertised. The Committee will seek to engage with the City of Edinburgh Council on this issue. We feel there is a balance to be struck between reducing congestion and allowing a reasonable flow of traffic, particularly east-west.